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At RWB Tax Services, we are always dedicated to you and all of your accounting needs.  We’ve been helping small and large businesses for over 50 years, and we are available to our clients year round.  Our goal is to help you pay the least amount of taxes legally possible. Give us a call or fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you.

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Douglasville Bookkeeping Services

If you’re searching for a bookkeeping company that can manage your business’s various financial requirements, we’re the people for the job. RWB provides personalized bookkeeping services to meet your needs.

Small Business Bookkeeping in Douglasville

As a business owner, we know that you probably spend hours preparing numbers, gathering receipts, and balancing your books. Wouldn’t it be helpful to get a skilled bookkeeper to do those chores for you? Time is your most vital resource when you own a business, after all.

We can design an expert financial system organized and managed by professionals that will allow us to reduce the tax liabilities for your company while saving money. You can count on us for reliable and detailed financial data that offers profit on growth possibilities, tracking expenses, and cash flow management.

If you ever need answers to important financial issues, we will be here to listen. We are easy to contact, and we’re pleased to provide trustworthy advice to our clients.

Franchise & Multi-Location Business Bookkeeping

In today’s busy and hectic life, it’s good to know that your bookkeeping is accurate and complete without your needing to put in hours of work each week.

Our franchise-focused bookkeeping team can help with this while saving you time. We can support your franchisees’ bookkeeping and help them keep accurate financial records.

Our friendly team of Douglasville bookkeepers will help you succeed when it comes to bookkeeping, taxes, and more.

We will make sure your financial records are expertly organized so you can expand your company without any worries.

How CAN Outsourcing bookkeeping help My Douglasville business?

Why Should I Get a Bookkeeper?

To have MORE TIME, of course! Spending your “time off” organizing your business finances can be stressful, and it takes up too much of your valuable time. Tax season can be so much more stressful and costly when your business finances are not managed correctly. Is doing your own bookkeeping costing you? Can you save by outsourcing your bookkeeping? When it’s time to outsource your bookkeeping, here is what a qualified, professional bookkeeper like RWB Tax Services will deliver for you.

Tax-ready Financial Statements

One of the main advantages of hiring an experienced bookkeeper is getting up-to-date financial reports that clarify your business moves or help you adjust your taxes. Tax time should be an uncomplicated transfer of records between your accountant and bookkeeper!

Clear, Easy Communication

Bookkeepers need to report your financials in a way that is easy to comprehend. They need to be able to speak with other bookkeepers and accountants as well. Make sure you work with someone who can translate your financial reports to you in a language you understand.

Fast Responses

You need to be able to contact your bookkeeper and get a quick response when needed. If your bookkeeper takes too long when responding to emails, or goes out of town without letting you know, you may want to consider changing bookkeepers. RWB Tax Services in Douglasville, Georgia, provides convenient, year-round office hours so that they are accessible to all of their clients. 

Flexible Solutions

When you outsource bookkeeping with RWB, you get professional guidance and advice intended to save you time and customized to suit your needs. As your business requirements change, your bookkeeping services can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Professional Service

Constant changes in laws and regulations surround business finances can be complicated for business owners, which is why it’s essential to hire a skilled bookkeeper.

When you outsource bookkeeping to a professional with expertise and experience, you get to stop fretting about problems and compliance of your books. You will get professional results and peace of mind.

Save Money

The monthly cost of outsourcing bookkeeping is cheaper than the expense of hiring an in-house bookkeeper. Before you decide to hire an employee, think about what costs are included: training, benefits, full-time salary, workers’ comp insurance, and other fees. With a bookkeeping service like RWB, all you will need to pay is a low monthly fee.

Save Time

Outsourced bookkeeping is quicker than bookkeeping in-house and more affordable than hiring, especially when interviewing, screening, training, and hiring can take months. The reduced price and efficiency can help you grow your business.

Manage Your Business With Confidence

Give your business the bookkeeping attention it deserves. With RWB, you are getting the flexibility and personal service that keeps your company operating smoothly.

We want to make the complete process as painless and easy as possible for you. From billing to financial data entry, RWB has got you covered. That way, you can spend your time growing your business rather than worrying about your accounts.

Call us at (770) 456-9980, or make an appointment online to speak with one of our bookkeeping experts today.

FAQ’s About Hiring A Bookkeeper in Douglasville

Do I need a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

It helps to understand what functions each of these roles provide. A bookkeeper manages all of the daily tasks of keeping your books updated. They will reconcile your accounts and record all of your financial transactions, including receipts, purchases, payments, and sales.

An accountant looks at the big picture. They verify the data, analyze it, perform audits, generate reports, and prepare financial records, like income statements, tax returns, and balance sheets.

Both have essential roles in your business financials. If you pay an accountant to handle your bookkeeping, you are probably paying more than you should be, as accountants commonly charge more per hour than bookkeepers.

How often do I need to meet with my bookkeeper?

That is an individual choice, but most people contact their bookkeeper on average at least twice a month (or bi-weekly). How often you check-in can rely on how certain you are that the bookkeeper manages everything you need. It also can rely on if they are managing your payroll as well. RWB Tax Services in Douglasville, Georgia, can handle as little or as much of your business finances as you want. They are reliable, quick, and affordable. Their years of knowledge should give you peace of mind that your business finances are in the most qualified hands.

Is it best to use a local Douglasville bookkeeper?

That is an individual decision, and you should work with someone that you trust. However, there are many benefits to using a bookkeeper who is near you. If you need to pick up or drop off papers, it can be much more convenient to be nearby. If you have difficulty and would like to sit down in-person, you have that option as well. RWB Tax Services offers a very personalized and custom level of service. When you hire RWB Tax Services, you know precisely who manages your books and whom to call if you have a question. That reassurance can be invaluable.

How can I tell if my bookkeeper is doing a good job?

 Are your expenses being categorized, are you getting financial reports regularly, and are these tasks consistently getting done without you having to nag the bookkeeper? If so, then those are likely a sign that your bookkeeper is doing a good job! The professionals at RWB Tax Service in Douglasville, GA, are always glad to answer questions, so they encourage their clients to ask questions that they may have.

when to get a Bookkeeper

Are you a “do-it-yourself” business owner? Many people will attempt to do their own books to save money. In the long run, though, that method can cost you money. Your valuable time would be best spent working on your business. Plus, without years of experience, many companies suffer from weak management of finances. They often make mistakes on their taxes, which can cost a company a lot of money or even lead to closing altogether.

Running a business can be challenging, but having the right support can make a huge difference in your success. So, how do you know if your business needs a bookkeeper in Douglasville?

How Much Time Are You Spending On Bookkeeping?

There are only so many hours in one day, and you can’t spend all of your time working! Being a business owner, you must use your time carefully and assure that you are getting paid for your efforts. So how can a local bookkeeper like Douglasville’s RWB Tax help you?

Let’s look at how much time you spend monthly entering receipts, reconciling your books, paying quarterly taxes, etc. If you are doing everything accurately and entirely with your finances, it can take quite a bit of time each month, and your time is precious. Every moment you spend on something that doesn’t pay, you take money out of your own pocket.

So, if you spend 10 hours monthly on your financial reports, how much is that costing you? (If you aren’t sure how much you would be worth an hour, you can use these easy calculators.) The average small business owner earns around $28-$100 hourly. At that rate, 10 hours that you spend doing your bookkeeping could cost you $280-$1000. You can hire a professional bookkeeper for much less!

RWB Tax Services offers Villa Rica and Douglasville clients monthly services for as little as $125 a month! 

Are Your Books Up To Date?

Let’s face it. When things are busy, bookkeeping may get put on the back burner so that you can focus on the more essential tasks of managing your company. But neglecting your books can have many negative impacts on your business.
If you don’t have accurate and up-to-date financial records, will you know how much your business is owed? Or do you know how much it needs to spend?
Not knowing this information can cause you to lose a lot of money. Bad financial transactions could cost much more than paying a tax professional in Douglasville, like RWB Tax Services, to handle your business bookkeeping.

Tax Time: a Quick Process or a Major Headache?

No one looks forward to paying taxes, but this can also be a sign that you need to hire a bookkeeper. When tax time comes, is it as easy as your bookkeeper sending all of your business financial records, you sending those records to your accountant, and you’re done?


Is it hours upon hours of searching for receipts, trying to remember what a charge was for, and sending messages back and forth with an accountant? 

If it is the second option, you’re probably missing out on a lot of write-offs and deductions. 

Why Choose RWB for Your Business Bookkeeping in Douglasville, GA?

RWB is an award-winning bookkeeping firm in Douglas County that has been in business for over 50 years, helping clients with bookkeeping in Douglasville. Record-keeping and accounting are crucial to successful business operations, and the team at RWB is unsurpassed in excellence. 

Have your bookkeeping handled by the experts at RWB

You are welcome to stop by our office anytime for payroll and bookkeeping services in Douglasville, GA. We offer our services online as well, so that you never have to leave your home or office to get your bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes done. We have full-time CPA’s who are dedicated to helping business owners with bookkeeping in Douglasville. Whether you are an individual or large business, have bookkeeping needs, or just filing taxes, RWB Tax in Douglasville is the #1 choice for affordability and expertise.

Check out our about us page to see why our bookkeeping firm in Douglasville is highly respected in the West Georgia Community. To learn more about bookkeeping in Douglasville, Give us a call at 770-456-9980.

Why People Choose Our Bookkeeping Services in Douglasville

Personalized Service

We will get to know your objectives and goals for your company and create a unique strategy to provide the services you need. Whether you want to lower taxes or free up your cash flow, we can help.


Our team is QuickBooks Certified and expertly trained to guarantee the highest quality bookkeeping services in Douglasville.

Full Control

RWB can provide you with financial reports consistently on a schedule you choose. This allows you to be on top of things and control your finances, with experts offering you personalized services along the way.


RWB has over 50 years of experience serving Douglasville and surrounding areas. Our team has worked with companies in every industry and of every size.

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Dorinne Andrusyna
Dorinne Andrusyna
16:17 09 Oct 20
We moved to Carrollton from NYC in 2016. Found RWB through business contact, so glad we did. Donna Clark is... intelligent, honest and humble. We have been working with her for 4 years. She not only does our taxes but assist with other accounting needs. A great team to have on your more
Jessica Richardson
Jessica Richardson
19:59 10 Jun 20
I love Donna and Gerald! They do an excellent job with taxes and bookkeeping. I especially recommend them if you have a... small to medium businessread more
Kristy Mcgarva
Kristy Mcgarva
20:31 10 Mar 20
Friendly, professional service at a good price.
Brenda Kirk
Brenda Kirk
20:46 23 Oct 19
These guys are the best. They have really been very helpful and educational. I recommend them for business and personal.
karen Boyer
karen Boyer
04:35 24 Sep 19
Donna has done my taxes for 5 or 6 years and I couldn't be more pleased. Even after I moved out of state, I send my... information to her and she completes them almost as quickly as if I had gone to her office. She is accurate, professional, friendly, honest and very more
Skid G
Skid G
14:33 23 Sep 19
High integrity, knowledgeable, and friendly are just a few of the things I would point out about RWB. Donna and staff... will exceed your expectations. It does not matter if you have the most basic tax return or complicated accounting needs they can handle it without blinking an eye. Go see these folks, you will be glad you did!read more
A Google User
A Google User
00:54 23 Sep 19
RWB is the kind if business I feel lucky to be in business with. They continuously make me money. Once a year I barrage... them with a convoluted package of tax documents and a few days later they tell me i have a hefty refund en route. Their fees are so reasonable and affordable I hate to think of all the money that I lost before I finding them. Once again, I feel blessed that they are on my more
Aaron Alberts
Aaron Alberts
00:52 23 Sep 19
RWB is the kind if business I feel lucky to be in business with. They continuously make me money. Once a year I barrage... them with a convoluted package of tax documents and a few days later they tell me i have a hefty refund en route. Their fees are so reasonable and affordable I hate to think of all the money that I lost before I finding them. Once again, I feel blessed that they are on my more
Donna Hampton
Donna Hampton
21:13 22 Sep 19
The staff has been very helpful personally and professionally. We had challenges with both and they patiently walked us... through each challenge. I highly recommend Donna Clark or anyone in the office!read more
Jessica Richardson
Jessica Richardson
15:43 27 Aug 19
The staff at this family-owned tax business is wonderful and gives amazing customer service. They met with me one on... one. I felt they went way out of their way to make me at home. I would highly recommend working with them for taxes, bookkeeping, and more
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