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You could get a Refund Advance Loan* in 24 hours or less**
Interest may apply.
* Disclaimer

* The Refund Advance is an optional tax-refund related loan provided by MetaBank® (it is not the actual tax refund) at participating locations. The amount of the loan and applicable interest will be deducted from tax refunds and reduce the amount that is paid directly to the taxpayer. Fees for other optional products or product features may apply. Tax returns may be filed electronically without applying for this loan. Loans offered in amounts of $500, $1,000, 25%, 50%, or 75% of your expected tax refund from $500 – $6,000. Loans in the amounts of $500 and $1,000 have an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 0.00%.  Loans in the amounts of 25%, 50% or 75% of your expected tax refund have an APR of 36.0% with a minimum loan of $1,250.  For example, $2,500 loan representing 50% of expected refund borrowed over 25 day term, total amount payable in a single payment is $2,561.64 including interest. Availability is subject to satisfaction of identity verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards.

** Disclaimer

** 24 hours or less when your disbursement method is a prepaid card. 

Availability is subject to an accepted acknowledgment from the IRS, satisfaction of identity verification, eligibility criteria and underwriting standards.

Why Choose RWB Tax Services?

The team at RWB Tax Services has over 50 years of combined experience. They have been helping clients in Villa Rica, Douglasville, Carrollton, and West Georgia area get the largest refunds legally for over 13 years.

When you trust RWB Tax Services, you will know that your taxes were done right, on time, and for a reasonable cost.

Get Your Money Fast

For those who qualify, they can receive up to $6,000 within 24 hours of approval! No need to wait on your money, get it FAST with RWB Tax Services.

See terms and conditions * and **

Maximize Your Refund

RWB Tax Services will use their 50+ years of expertise to make sure that you get ALL that you are owed back! 

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RWB Tax Services is open 6 days a week, with very convenient hours. Walk-ins are welcome, or make an appointment today.

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